Will the pain really go away
So we can wipe these tears from our face?
Running around, a fake plastered smile
Yet at night, all cries and sighs
Whom do we deceive; ourselves or the world?
Better or bitter, we’re still in the latter
Today is good, tomorrow is dark again
Does the pain become “us” , or does it go away?

You can do more

I woke up this morning like usual, ready to go through the day, doing house chores first before any of my scheduled activities. Sweeping was the first on the list anyway, wasn’t hard though, the house had a small compound, cemented with a few cracks here and there. In between one of those cracks there was a bone, as hard as I tried, I couldn’t get it out with the broom. An idea came to mind finally, I removed a single broomstick from the bunch and used to reach the bone in between the crack, how easily it came out!
A thought raced through my mind, what if we all as individuals are single broomsticks? What if sometimes you are the only individual that can make a difference wherever you find yourself? The world moves too fast to notice us sometimes, but what if you hit the red lights and took some time to shine?
The world needs a dose of you too, you have a place to fill.
Like the broomstick, you will only know how extraordinary you are, unless of course, you come out of the crowd.


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